Portable Toilet Carrying Trailers

For toilet hire companies, it’s vital that your rental operations run smoothly. Supplying small and national rental companies alike, Retrac specialises in the manufacture of a diverse, reliable range of portable toilet carrying trailers.


We recognise that every client has individual requirements and preferences to meet. Whether you’re in need of a simple flat trailer or perhaps one with specific features, such as a full rail system, wooden or aluminium floor, or the ability to carry 10 to 12 units, our experts can build it. Simply discuss your framework requirements with us, and we’ll identify the ideal design for you.

Portable Toilet Carrying Trailer pic 1.j

As our portable toilet trailers are likely to be towed by various different vehicle types, each of our units are fitted with multi-voltage LED lighting, carefully incorporating safety into the design. Accounting for the fact that some vehicles do not recognise the LED system, we can also fit standard 12-volt lighting if required.